Suffering an injury on the job changes your life in many ways. It can take you away from your job and your income and it can lead to expensive medical bills. In severe cases, a work accident can result in temporary or permanent disability or even death.

We realize that you already know about workers’ compensation and how it can provide for your financial needs in the wake of an injury. However, not all of these claims receive approval. Sometimes, claim denials occur because of errors you make. We want to talk about how you can improve your odds of success by following the simple tips outlined below.

Report the incident: Unless your injuries prevent you from doing so, you must report your work accident and injury to a superior right away. Ignoring this important step could affect the success of your workers’ compensation claim.

See a doctor: The absence of an orderly chain of medical documentation may result in a denial. Make sure to see a doctor about your injury right away. You must also save all of the medical records documenting your injury and your treatment.

Follow your treatment plan: Another reason for claim denials involves ignoring your doctor’s treatment plan orders. If the insurance adjuster sees that you are not complying with your treatment, he or she may issue a denial.

You should also know that a claim denial can occur if your boss blocks your efforts to access your workers’ compensation benefits. For example, if your supervisor insists that your injury occurred outside of your job, you could receive a claim denial.

Regardless of why you are having difficulty with your workers’ compensation claim, a Stanislaus attorney may be able to help. Please consider consulting with a lawyer if you face obstacles with your claim. You can learn more about filing a successful claim by continuing to explore our website.