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Devoted to Helping
the Injured.

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Construction accident claims for injured workers in Stanislaus

At the Law Office of Rockwell Kelley & Duarte, we have represented and litigated workers' compensation cases for our clients regarding virtually every kind of construction accident. Unfortunately, none of these accidents involve happy stories as most of our clients are truly suffering from serious and sometimes catastrophically disabling injuries.

Keeping a workers' compensation claim on track

When a California employee files a workers' compensation claim, the job of keeping up with the claim doesn't stop there. Certain steps should be taken to ensure that the claim is kept on track and continues through the claims process toward the best possible resolution. Here are a few things that workers should to avoid problems:

What To Do After Being Injured On The Job

A serious injury can be life-changing no matter who you are. A bad injury can make your life go from manageable to very difficult in seemingly no time at all. You may be facing expensive medical bills, physical limitations and be unable to work - all of which can cause financial hardship.

How can employers prevent fall injuries in California offices?

Fall injuries can happen anywhere, even in offices that seem like they do not pose any kind of threat to employees. Indeed, tripping, falling and slipping injuries are the most frequent injuries that happen in offices throughout the United States. According to the National Safety Council, disabling injuries related to falls are 2.5 times as likely to happen in an office than other workplaces and tens of thousands of workers are hurt in these kinds of accidents every year. This article will discuss some steps that employers can take to minimize the threat of fall injuries in their office spaces.

South Sacramento Goodwill employee dies in tragic accident

An employee at Goodwill in south Sacramento was fatally injured while working on trash compactor duty. The young man suffered a fatal head injury while serving as a "spotter" to ensure that trash bins were properly aligned with the trash compactor.

California Applicants Attorneys Association Avvo Rating Super Lawyers

Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to 5 years in prison or up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.

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