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Tips for documenting an injury at work

If you have suffered an injury on the job, you likely already reported it. That's the right thing to do for a couple of reasons. But, if you've never been injured on the job, you cannot let your guard down one bit. Anyone can suffer a work-related injury, even those who are remarkably safe. Here are some important tips for you to follow when it comes to documenting any injury suffered at work in Stanislaus, California.

An excellent way to document a work injury is in writing. You might not be able to do this immediately depending on the severity of your injury, but it should be done as soon as possible following the accident. Clearly explain everything that happened, how you were injured, the injury you suffered and if the proper warning signs were placed throughout the area.

Stay safe at roadside construction sites in California

Are you employed as a construction worker? Do you find yourself working on road construction projects? If you answered yes to these questions, then this post is very important for your safety. When working on a roadside construction site in Stanislaus, you need to be as safe as possible. Simply following safety procedures in place is not enough, especially when motorists are speeding through the construction zone while using their phones.

You need to wear reflective apparel, even during daylight hours. This includes a reflective vest, a hard hat with reflective decals on it and bright clothing. Bright colors, even when not reflective, can help motorists see you on the side of the road at the construction site.

Tips for preventing head injuries on the job

You don't need to work in a dangerous environment to suffer a head injury on the job in Stanislaus. Even the most inauspicious work environments can lead to employees getting injured. All it takes is one person to not follow the safety policies for someone to suffer an injury. Here are some helpful tips for preventing head injuries on the job in California.

All employees need to be properly trained about safety in the workplace. It doesn't matter what type of work your employees perform, a safety training session is always a good idea. Show them videos, provide them with source material and have them review the company's safety policies.

What is a utilization review?

You get hurt at work, slipping and falling from a ladder. You break your leg and have serious back pain. You have never dealt with anything like this before, and you can't believe how it changes your life.

Doctors begin treating you, telling you the types of physical treatment you'll need, how therapy can help and what medications you can take. With multiple injuries, you get laid up for quite a while, and so you lose a lot in wages, all while your medical bills increase.

Common causes of back injuries on the job

Workers at jobs all across California and the country are at risk for suffering an injury each day they walk into work. They might take every precaution when at work and still, an accident can occur that could lead them to suffer an injury. A common workplace injury involves the back, which can put a worker off the job for an extended time. Here are the most common causes of back injuries on the job in Stanislaus.

The most common cause of a work-related back injury is using an improper lifting technique. Many people will simply bend over at the waist to pick up items they need. Even if the items aren't heavy, they can still cause back issues. It's best to always bend at the knees and distribute the weight of the item as evenly as possible across both of your arms when lifting.

Preventing fatal workplace accidents in California

When you walk out your front door in the morning and say goodbye to your loved ones you likely aren't thinking about getting injured or killed in an accident at work. More than the majority of professions in the state of California are not dangerous. But, no matter where you work, you could be involved in a workplace accident that is fatal. Here's how to prevent those accidents in Stanislaus.

If there is heavy machinery at your workplace be sure to follow all safety procedures that are in place. Wear the proper protective equipment and only operate the machinery if you are properly trained. Remind co-workers of the dangers of the machinery and that they should always be on their toes when around it.

How to prevent a forklift accident on the job

Operating a forklift takes a lot of confidence, focus and training. You cannot just simply walk into work one day, get behind the wheel of the forklift and hope for the best. You need to know how to use every single button and lever. You also need to have training before operating this piece of heavy machinery on your own. Here are some tips for preventing forklift accidents in Stanislaus.

Irresponsible driving is one of the big reasons why forklift accidents occur. This issue needs to be addressed with every person qualified to use the forklift at the job. If someone at the company operates the forklift irresponsibly he or she is putting their coworkers' lives in danger as well as their own. They could also cause thousands of dollars in damage if an accident occurs.

Ensuring safety of construction workers at a roadside project

Construction zones on roadways in California are incredibly dangerous. Construction workers can be hit by passing vehicles with little notice. These accidents can lead to severe injuries and even death. There are ways to protect workers from the dangers of the roads in Stanislaus, and we will discuss those safety tips in today's post.

Every work zone on the California roadways needs to have proper traffic control in place. This includes warning signs placed well in advance of the work zone, cones, protective barriers and a buffer zone. If the crew is working on the shoulder there should be a barrier zone set up that includes the right lane of traffic, when possible.

There is no safe level of asbestos exposure

Most construction workers who have been in the business for a long time understand the dangers associated with asbestos exposure. They may even have a friend, or a friend of a friend, who contracted an asbestos-related illness.

Asbestosis, mesothelioma and other asbestos-caused diseases require immediate and costly medical treatment and they can also be fatal. Make sure you follow these safety tips to reduce your risks of contracting one.

How to protect against repetitive injuries in the workplace

Some of the most common injuries workers suffer on the job are those of repetitive injuries. They are just what you think they are: injuries caused by repetitive motion of a body part. These most likely occur in the worker's arms or legs since these body parts are used the most in workplaces that use physical labor in Stanislaus, California. Here are some tips for preventing these types of injuries.

One of the most important things you can do in an effort to prevent repetitive injuries on the job is to practice the safety procedures your company has in place. These could include asking coworkers for help when lifting heavy items, using a dolly to lift heavy items and even wearing braces on your arms or legs when lifting heavy items.

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