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The 5 construction jobs with the highest risk

You often hear that construction is one of the most dangerous industries or that the workers face the highest risks. This is true. However, it is important to remember that workers have very different jobs within this industry. These jobs can change the actual risk levels that they face. Below are the five most dangerous jobs.

Working on a high-rise

California tightens workplace safety violation reporting

The best workplaces are the safest. Most workers in offices and sites where safety is a major concern know that protection starts with leadership and continues down to everyday actions by everyone on site. Companies with high-risk activities like construction and transportation often have safety officers with executive power to protect their employees.

Employers who may be careless or negligent without tight workplace safety controls have enjoyed a six-month statute of limitation on citations issued by California's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) for workplace safety recordkeeping violations. A new law will allow Cal/OSHA to pursue violations of record policy for as long as it takes to correct them.

How do I prevent falls from ladders on the job?

Ladders are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment on a construction site. They can also be incredibly dangerous if not used properly. Construction workers of all experience levels should know the safest ways to use a ladder so they do not wind up suffering a fall from the equipment while working. Follow the safety tips outlined today to prevent yourself from falling off a ladder.

One of the most important things you can do when using a ladder is to wear the proper footwear. You should always wear nonslip shoes that are properly secured to your feet. Laces should be tied and you should never climb a ladder in flip-flops or sandals, even if you are working in your own yard.

Back injuries from work can cause pain and even mobility issues

The human spine is an impressively intricate system. Many different discs, called vertebra, all work together with complex muscle systems, nerves and fascia to help you twist, turn, lift and stand upright. Your spine also helps transfer information from your brain to the rest of your body.

That is why a back injury is such a serious concern. Far too many people choose to ignore back pain and back injuries in the hope that it will just go away. Unfortunately, ignoring a back injury can actually make it worse over time. Not only can the pain get worse, but you could end up causing severe damage to your nerves or spine without proper treatment.

Why should I report a work injury immediately?

Suffering an injury on the job is never an easy situation with which to deal. You will need to seek medical treatment and then continued care if the injury is serious enough. You will then need to file for workers' compensation benefits. There's plenty for you to worry about when injured on the job, including not being able to pay the bills while you are out of work. So, why should you report a work injury immediately?

A smart reason to report your injury related to your job immediately is that it gets the ball rolling on your workers' compensation claim. If you suffer an injury on the job, it is your responsibility to notify your employer. This includes notifying a direct supervisor, a member of human resources or any other member of the management team.

Tips for preventing repetitive motion injuries on the job

Not many people focus on how they perform their job duties each day, but it is something that should be taken seriously. You need to make a conscious effort to monitor how you move your body while at work in order to avoid suffering a repetitive motion injury (RMI). You don't need to work in construction or in a warehouse to suffer such an injury either. Let's take a look at how you can avoid repetitive motion injuries.

If you are required to lift a lot of items in a warehouse each day, there's plenty you can do to avoid suffering an RMI. For starters, you should wear a back brace and knee braces. Make sure you bend at the knees and use your lower half to help lift items no matter what they weigh.

Tips for preventing machinery accidents and injuries

It's common for employees who work with machines to worry that they might suffer an injury. This isn't out of the realm of possibility because of how often they might use the machinery for their job. It doesn't matter the type of machine, its size or how it is used. Even the safest of machines and most safety-conscious employees can still suffer an accident that causes an injury.

One of the most important tips you can follow when trying to prevent an injury at work with machinery is to only use machines you have been trained to use. This will significantly reduce your chances of suffering an injury.

How to prevent heat exhaustion for outdoor workers

One of the biggest problems outdoor workers have to contend with in California is the heat. The humidity really isn't a problem but the heat of the summer sun can cause a lot of health issues, including heat exhaustion. There are a few precautions you can take if scheduled to work outdoors for your employer so you don't wind up in the hospital due to heat exhaustion.

Be sure to hydrate prior to working outside. You should drink no less than 16 ounces before heading outdoors for your job. While out there, you should drink eight ounces every 20 minutes or so to keep your body hydrated.

What you can expect during a workers' compensation hearing

Filing a claim for workers' compensation in California is quite easy. After reporting the accident that caused your injury to your employer, you need to seek medical attention. Once these two tasks are complete, you will wait for the employer to handle the rest. Here's what you can expect to happen when attending a workers' compensation hearing.

You will make your case in front of a judge at the hearing. Your employer will also be in attendance, with their attorney and insurance representative. They will make their case for why you should not receive any workers' compensation benefits.

Secretaries and other office staff risk job-related injury daily

When it comes to workplace injuries, few people think of offices as dangerous places to work. People are more likely to focus on jobs that include dangerous machinery or conditions, such as manufacturing or construction work.

However, there are many opportunities for injury in any typical office space. Without great care and attention to workplace safety, secretaries and other office workers can end up suffering injuries that keep them from work or that even result in permanent disability.

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