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Devoted to Helping
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July 2017 Archives

Man receives $17 million award after workplace injury

When a person is injured in a workplace accident, the law provides ways for the victim to seek fair compensation for his or her injuries. However, it is rare to see as significant an award as the one handed down to a Riverside man recently. The man, who suffered a devastating forklift accident in 2013 finally prevailed when a judge awarded him $17 million.

Do repetitive motion injuries qualify for workers' compensation?

On-the-job injuries come in all shapes and sizes, and each of them should be considered on its own merits. Many people worry that some injuries they suffer on the job may not qualify them for workers' compensation benefits, such as a repetitive motion injury. In many cases, a repetitive motion injury can qualify you for workers' compensation, but not always. If you have concerns about the validity of your claim, it is wise to consult with and experienced attorney before filing your claim — just don't wait too long.

Federal guidelines promote greater safety on worksites

If you work in construction, then you almost certainly already know that falling is the most prevalent cause of death on construction worksites. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes this huge issue in the construction world, and has launched a program to combat it. OSHA firmly believes that all or most of these deaths can be prevented with proper training, and aims to reduce construction fatalities from falling with its fall prevention campaign.

Understaffing nurses leads to increase in injuries

If you are a nurse working in California, you know that helping to heal and care for others does not preclude you from injuries, especially on-the-job injuries. While many hospitals maintain excellent standards to keep patients safe, they may bend the rules when it comes to keeping their own staff safe as well.

Understanding workers' compensation death benefits

When someone you depend on dies on the job, it is devastating. No one goes to work on a Wednesday and thinks to themselves "Well, this is it. No need to make plans for the weekend." Of course, losing a breadwinner in your household creates not only emotional burdens, but very real practical burdens.

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Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to 5 years in prison or up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.

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