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Devoted to Helping
the Injured.

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Avoid office-related back injuries with the following tips

You might think that your office job is the safest occupation that exists, and there's little chance you'll suffer from a work-related injury. However, the inactivity and lack of movement caused by sitting at a desk all day can result in serious health conditions -- particularly related to your back.

Common head injuries suffered on the job

Going to work each day is something millions of Americans do without worry about suffering an injury. The sad fact of the matter is that many Americans get injured on the job every year, and it happens at jobs that don't seem to be dangerous. Today, we will take a look at the common head injuries suffered on the job in Stanislaus, California.

What protective gear do construction workers need?

Many on-the-job injuries happen because workers do not have the proper protective gear. In some cases, this is the fault of the employer for not providing the equipment and following safety guidelines. In other cases, it is the fault of the employees for not adhering to those regulations.

Car accidents during work and the scope of your employment

Many people assume that you are covered under workers' compensation for injuries in a car accident as long as you are on the clock when the accident occurred. If you get into an accident, you get compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other such costs. It's the same as if you got hurt falling off of a ladder or using power tools.

Tips for living after an amputation

An amputation injury at work can change your life forever. It's one of the most severe injuries you can ever suffer, and it can lead to a permanent disability. It's all too common in industries using power tools, hydraulic presses and other heavy equipment.

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