If you operate a forklift in Modesto or work in close proximity to these vehicles, it’s imperative to follow a variety of safety tips to avoid an accident that results in injury or death.

Even with proper safety training, it’s easy to fall into a comfort zone if you’re comfortable and experienced operating a forklift. This, alone, can lead to an accident, such as one that results from striking another person or dropping a load.

Here are five forklift safety tips to follow at all times:

  • Inspect the forklift before use: Before using a forklift for the first time, inspect it for damages and defects. If you notice anything wrong, put the proper fix in place before using the vehicle.
  • Wear the right clothing and safety gear: For example, a hard hat, high visibility jacket and safety shoes are important. Also, avoid loose fitting clothing, as this has the potential to get caught in machinery.
  • Consider your surroundings: Before you start up a forklift, make note of your surroundings. For instance, this can include any people in the area or potential hazards.
  • Operate the forklift at a safe speed: If you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to forget about this tip. Unfortunately, doing so greatly increases the risk of an accident. Always follow the speed limit, while also slowing down when making turns.
  • Ensure the stability of your load: Check the load before moving to ensure that it’s safely in place. Also, don’t attempt to transport more weight than the forklift can handle, as this increases the risk of dropping the load or tipping.

By following these five forklift safety tips, you’ll feel better about your ability to stay safe.

If you’re injured in a forklift accident, regardless of the cause, do the following:

  • Assess your injuries and use first-aid knowledge to stabilize your health
  • Call for immediate help, such as by dialing 911 to request an ambulance
  • Report the accident and your injuries to your supervisor and HR department
  • Follow the direction of your medical team

If you do all these things, you improve the likelihood of making a full recovery. Also, it puts you in position to obtain workers’ compensation benefits if you’re unable to immediately return to work.