Injured Workers Should Not Stand Alone

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Common Workplace Accidents

If you’ve been hurt at work you may qualify to collect workers’ compensation benefits. At the Law Offices of Kelly, Duarte, Urstoeger & Ruble LLP, injured California workers seek out our Modesto workplace accidents lawyers for help after sustaining all sorts of injuries, including those caused by:

The cause of injuries is varied. What is important is that the injury occurred while you were performing the duties of your job. Injuries can take place anywhere, including at your office, at an off-site location, or even on the road. An injury at work doesn’t always include a physical injury. Workers’ compensation benefits may apply even in cases of:

  • Work-related hearing loss
  • Mental illness (i.e., depression) triggered by stress or chronic harassment

Notify And Inform

If you’ve been injured on the job, tell your employer as soon as possible. If you’ve been injured and need medical treatment, our office has worked with local doctors in and around Stockton and Modesto for years. Based on this long experience, we can make strategic recommendations about what type of specialist to see, depending on your injury. If you’re dealing with a work-related injury, don’t shoulder the burden of the workers’ compensation process alone. Our firm knows the system inside and out, and we don’t collect payment until we recover compensation for you.

Call For Your Free Initial Consultation

We take pride in helping workers in the Stockton and Modesto region stand up to insurance companies who try to limit what they pay. We know how to fight back to get you the money you deserve. Call us today at 209-225-9463 to speak with an attorney or use our contact form to make an appointment.

Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to 5 years in prison or up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.