When you walk out your front door in the morning and say goodbye to your loved ones you likely aren’t thinking about getting injured or killed in an accident at work. More than the majority of professions in the state of California are not dangerous. But, no matter where you work, you could be involved in a workplace accident that is fatal. Here’s how to prevent those accidents in Stanislaus.

If there is heavy machinery at your workplace be sure to follow all safety procedures that are in place. Wear the proper protective equipment and only operate the machinery if you are properly trained. Remind co-workers of the dangers of the machinery and that they should always be on their toes when around it.

If you notice something unsafe on the job, either an unsafe practice or unsafe hazard, be sure to report it immediately to a superior. If you can, safely block the hazard so no one gets hurt by it before it can be fixed. If an employee is improperly operating heavy machinery, ask them to stop their work and dismount until they can be reprimanded appropriately.

Whenever heavy equipment is being used, such as a forklift or other big piece of machinery, make sure there is a spotter present. The spotter will give directions to the driver and make sure that the area is clear of hazards, holes, and other pedestrians. If the spotter cannot be seen, the driver should put the machinery in park immediately.

Preventing fatal workplace accidents in California is the responsibility of companies, employees and safety personnel. Everyone plays a role in making sure the workplace is as safe as possible.