California is an amazing hub of innovation, often leading the way in new technologies and systems that change the way the rest of the country and even the world operate. These ideas often seem very removed from the real world, but the reality of pursuing this kind of progress is that they inevitably involve some people on the ground, doing the work. Even in these innovative projects, work accidents can and do happen.

Just recently, just such a serious accident occurred north of Fresno during the ongoing construction of the High Speed Rail, injuring five workers. According to reports, the injuries occurred when a tower containing steel rods toppled over, collapsing onto the five workers. While all five sustained injuries, two required hospitalization.

While the accident is still being investigated, there is no current evidence that it was caused by any unsafe practice on the worksite or arose out of unsafe conditions.

Sometimes, accidents simply happen, even when workers take proper precautions. It remains to be seen just how long the injuries affect the workers or if they will ever fully regain physical functionality.

If you or someone you love recently experienced an injury on the job, you deserve to understand all of your options. You should not settle for sub-par care during your recovery, especially if poor or even average care may lead to some ongoing disability that care of a higher caliber may prevent. Be sure to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to determine the options you have available and to begin protecting your rights.

Source: KFSN Fresno, “Five High Speed Rail workers injured in construction accident, Cal OSHA says,” Nov. 21, 2017