Ladders are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment on a construction site. They can also be incredibly dangerous if not used properly. Construction workers of all experience levels should know the safest ways to use a ladder so they do not wind up suffering a fall from the equipment while working. Follow the safety tips outlined today to prevent yourself from falling off a ladder.

One of the most important things you can do when using a ladder is to wear the proper footwear. You should always wear nonslip shoes that are properly secured to your feet. Laces should be tied and you should never climb a ladder in flip-flops or sandals, even if you are working in your own yard.

Always inspect the ladder prior to setting it up and climbing it for your project. You need to look the ladder over to ensure that there are no defects that could cause it to collapse when on it. If you find any issues with the ladder, do not get on it and put it out of service.

A ladder should always be placed on level ground. When extending the ladder, make sure you do so three feet above the area where you will want to land. If the ground is not level, you could easily fall over.

Never set up a ladder close to doorways, traffic or pedestrian walkways. When on the ladder, make sure you are facing it and always maintain three points of contact with the ladder.

Falls from ladders are one of the most common causes of construction site injuries. If you have to use a ladder at work, it’s important that you follow the safety tips discussed above. If there are any hazards present, you should not climb a ladder.