Construction sites are so incredibly dangerous. Between the heavy equipment, the power tools, the trenches, the scaffolding and the cranes, workers are at risk with every move they make when on a construction site in Stanislaus. Cranes are an important part of many construction sites. Let’s take a look at how to prevent a crane accident so you go home safe at night.

The crane used on the construction site should be inspected annually. If you cannot find any evidence that the crane has been inspected this year, then it’s best not to put it in operation.

A plan needs to be created for each lift the crane will make. Each load is different in weight and size. The wind conditions could change. There could be different hazards present for a lift today than a lift that happens later in the week.

You need to know the conditions of the ground before operating the crane. The crane could very well be anchored properly and assembled correctly, but if the ground is weak, it will not hold the weight of the crane or the weight of the crane’s load.

The operator of the crane must know the radius of the crane’s arm. If there isn’t enough clearance in the radius, the crane could wind up damaging a nearby building or even collapsing to the ground.

The next time you head to work at a construction site, you need to heed these tips if there is a crane present. The safer you are, the less likely it is that you will be involved in a potentially tragic crane accident.