Workplace injuries are more common than you might think. These injuries can be avoidable for the most part but can lead to some very serious issues in Stanislaus. If you or a co-worker winds up suffering an injury on the job, you need to report it as soon as possible. This includes filing a report with your supervisor and even reporting it to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), if necessary.

For an accident at work to require reporting to OSHA, it must meet a couple of items first. For starters, the accident will need to have caused the employee to be sent to the hospital, it might have caused the employee to have lost an eye and it might have caused the employee to suffer an amputation of an extremity. This type of accident is deemed severe and will need to be reported within 24 hours.

If an employee dies in an accident on the job, it is required to be reported to OSHA within eight hours of the death occurring. This means you must report the death to your supervisor and to OSHA as soon as possible. Reports can be made via phone to your local OSHA office or via the agency’s toll-free hotline that is open 24 hours per day.

Failing to file a report about a severe injury or death on the job with OSHA can lead to huge fines and penalties for your company. It could also lead to the closure of your job site for a period.

When you go to report a workplace injury to OSHA make sure that you have all of the necessary information to make the report. You don’t want to risk reporting the wrong information after an accident in California.