Operating a forklift takes a lot of confidence, focus and training. You cannot just simply walk into work one day, get behind the wheel of the forklift and hope for the best. You need to know how to use every single button and lever. You also need to have training before operating this piece of heavy machinery on your own. Here are some tips for preventing forklift accidents in Stanislaus.

Irresponsible driving is one of the big reasons why forklift accidents occur. This issue needs to be addressed with every person qualified to use the forklift at the job. If someone at the company operates the forklift irresponsibly he or she is putting their coworkers’ lives in danger as well as their own. They could also cause thousands of dollars in damage if an accident occurs.

Another common cause of forklift accidents is when they tip over onto their side. When this happens the operator could be thrown from the forklift and crushed by it, spotters could be crushed and product could be destroyed. This can be avoided by reducing speed prior to making a turn, keeping loads at a low level, not moving unstable loads and not lifting items over the max of the forklift.

Accidents involving pedestrians and other workers are also common with forklifts. It is the primary responsibility of the forklift driver to look for workers near the forklift and other pedestrians. Those moving around the forklift should also be mindful of the forklift, where it is located and where it is moving.

Forklift accidents can result in serious injury and even death. It is your responsibility to follow all of the safety procedures and policies in place at work. You should remind coworkers how they can stay safe when using a forklift in California.