Construction companies generally hold liability for accidents that occur within their worksites or directly adjacent to the sites. If a person receives an injury on a construction site, it is very likely that the construction company running the project is on the hook for the damages. However, this is not always the case, and it is not always simple to determine which of the many parties involved in a construction project actually hold liability.

If a member of the general public suffers an injury in or nearby a worksite, it is important to clarify what measures the construction company took beforehand to prevent injuries. In most cases, this might include clear signage warning those who come near the worksite of potential hazards. If a person wanders into a worksite without proper protective gear and despite appropriate warnings, the company is less likely to hold liability.

However, if a construction company does not maintain a reasonably safe worksite, including surrounding areas that carry foot traffic, then they may face serious liability, including hefty fines on top of damages for the victim.

Construction companies owe both the public and their employees a reasonably safe workplace. Construction workers who suffer injuries on worksites may qualify for workers’ compensation.

If you recently suffered an injury in or around a construction site and believe that the negligence of a contraction company is responsible, you must make sure that you fully understand all the applicable laws before you build your personal injury claim. For many individuals, it is simply not possible to pursue an injury claim with sufficient attention and persistence while also recovering physically from an injury. For those who wish to focus on their recovery, an experienced personal injury attorney can help carry the load and ensure that the victim receives the treatment the victim needs and the compensation he or she deserves.

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