With the new year comes a number of new laws taking effect across California, affecting many different areas of civil and criminal law. Among the new laws effective in 2018 are measures aimed at increasing protections for workers in several industries and occupations, including those who work closely with a number of cleaning products used heavily in janitorial positions and cleaning processes at both the industrial and domestic levels.

Senate Bill 258 increases workplace safety protections for workers who regularly interact with a number of cleaning products with various applications. These include polishing, automotive cleaning, floor maintenance and cleaning, air-care and general cleaning products.

According to the bill, companies who manufacture these products must now clearly disclose various chemicals used in the products that may adversely affect those exposed to them for long periods of time. Manufacturers must also provide safety data sheets to those who purchase these products, as well as those who already work with existing stock. Employers whose employees already interact with these products on the job now bear responsibility to obtain the data sheets and make sure employees can access them in their workplace.

Of course, these protections can only do so much to prevent harm from sufficient exposure to dangerous materials. If you believe that exposure to a dangerous material in the workplace caused you harm, whether from a single incident or long-term exposure, don’t wait to speak with an experienced attorney who understands the nuances of workplace injuries. Professional guidance helps you understand your rights and identify grounds for a personal injury suit, while ensuring that those rights remain protected.

Source: Apparel News, “New California Laws Change Workplace Rules,” Deborah Belgum, Dec. 30, 2017