The Sleep Matters Initiative at Brigham Health for the National Safety Council (NSC) recently released data gathered through their Fatigue Cost Calculator, and the results are fairly undeniable — lack of quality sleep for employees is not good for business.

Some employees, especially those who work night shifts, report regularly sleeping less than six hours a day, on average. According to the Fatigue Cost Calculator, poorly rested employees cost their employers more than $400 billion each year across all job sectors.

Sleep deficiency not only leads to sloppy work on the part of employees, it also increases the risk of suffering an injury on the job. Injuries in the workplace are a very serious problem in many industries, and can often be avoided with proper care. If you believe that your lack of sleep may lead to an increase in risk of workplace injury for you, you may want to consider how you can achieve better sleep.

Of course, even for employees who are alert and well-rested throughout the course of their workday, accidents in the workplace still happen. If you recently suffered an injury at work, an experienced workplace injury lawyer can help you learn more about your legal options. You may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, but may have to fight to receive all the benefits you deserve. Often, the insurers who provide these benefits look for any way they can find to reduce the benefits they pay out to an injured worker.

With professional legal counsel, you can understand the issues surrounding your injury and develop a strategy to pursue fair compensation while you recover.

Source: Medical Express, “New tool demonstrates high cost of lack of sleep in the workplace,” Sep. 25, 2017