A man in Contra Costa county lost his life recently in a train accident involving a forklift. The accident occurred while the man was operating the forklift to move a large load of paver stones for a landscaping project in progress. It is still not known exactly what caused the man’s death, although Cal/OSHA is currently investigating to determine if the worksite contained any safety violations that may have contributed to the accident. The project was a residential driveway.

Unfortunately, this man’s tragic death is a stinging reminder that death or serious injury is always possible when there is large machinery involved. Even in circumstances where a worksite is well-maintained and the operators of the machinery abide by all the relevant safety practices, accidents can happen. And, when they do, they are often devastating.

If you work with heavy machinery like forklifts, you owe it to yourself to review the relevant safety procedures and look for anything in your workspace that might cause a threat. Far too often, workers assume it is someone else’s job to keep them safe and go on about their work. Even in instances where it is technically someone else’s responsibility to maintain a safe work environment, you don’t want to face severe injury or death because of something you could easily have identified and prevented.

Should you or someone you love suffer a serious injury or death at a worksite, you should not wait to reach out to an attorney. Professional legal guidance can help ensure that you understand all aspects of your case while protecting your rights and freedoms during a very difficult season.

Source: Livermore Patch, “Man Who Died In Tragic Forklift Accident Worked For Livermore Company,” Aug. 16, 2017