An Oakland construction site narrowly missed what could have been a huge disaster recently, resulting in nine injured workers and, thankfully, no fatalities. The accident occurred when the structure collapsed while workers were pouring wet concrete for the second floor, sending more than 30 workers tumbling down to the ground level.

Many workers were trapped in the wet cement after falling from as high as 15 feet. The crew sprang into action before the emergency crews even had time to arrive, working together to find other workers in the debris and dig them out from the cement. Some of the workers were also suspended from scaffolding and had to be carefully helped down when the police and emergency crews arrived.

While a number of individuals did suffer moderate to serious injuries, everyone is thankful that no one was killed in the collapse. Also, no workers were on the ground floor when the collapse occurred, which almost certainly might have killed them.

Although this potentially horrifying accident only resulted in a handful of serious injuries, the potential for this kind of accident always exists in construction sites.

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Source:, “Oakland construction accident: 9 workers hurt in collapse,” Sarah Ravani and Kimberly Veklerov, May 27, 2017