Almost everything you do utilizes your back muscles in one way or another. That fact alone means that it shouldn’t surprise you that some people suffer from back injuries because of work-related duties. In fact, there are many occupations that are associated with spinal cord and spine injuries.

What occupations are associated with an increased risk of back injuries?

The two occupations that are associated with the highest increase in the risk of back injuries are construction workers and nursing home workers. Warehouse workers, dentists, surgeons, landscapers, gardeners and cashiers are also at an increased risk of back injuries.

Why are those occupations associated with that increased risk?

All of the aforementioned occupations are associated with heavy lifting, repetitive motion, long periods of bending over, extreme reaching or contorted body positions. Additionally, some of these occupations require prolonged periods of standing.

Are there any other occupations that are associated with back pain or spine issues?

Farmers, police officers, airline crews, factory workers, professional drivers, athletes, office workers, janitors, dry cleaners, laborers, firefighters and almost any other occupation can lead to complaints of back pain. With that in mind, it is crucial that all employers make sure that they are taking preventative steps that help workers avoid situations that are likely to cause back issues.

For workers who do suffer from back pain, spine injuries or spinal cord injuries because of work-related injuries, seeking compensation is possible. This can occur through workers’ compensation claims or disability claims. Learning about the options you have for seeking compensation can help you come up with a plan.

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