The Amazon fulfillment center in Patterson has brought many jobs to the Modesto area. Even if you do not work in that warehouse, you may work in another one. You must realize, though, that warehouse accidents occur at an almost alarming rate. For example, in U.S. warehouses in 2016, there were roughly five nonfatal injuries per 100 full-time workers.

There is a seemingly endless number of ways to sustain an injury in any warehouse. Still, some injuries are more common than others. Here are four warehouse hazards that may cause you to sustain a serious injury:

  1. Large equipment 

According to statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, forklifts contribute to the largest number of major warehouse injuries. Therefore, you should always exercise caution when working on or around one. Other pieces of heavy equipment may also be dangerous.

  1. Machines 

Many warehouses have machines that workers use to manufacture products. Anything with a motor has the potential to cause serious harm. If you or your clothing become entangled in a machine, for example, you may suffer a catastrophic injury. Furthermore, many machines also pose an inherent electrocution risk to workers.

  1. Ladders 

Nearly half a million people fall off ladders every single year. Improperly placing a ladder and choosing the incorrect ladder for a job commonly contribute to ladder accidents. You may also sustain a traumatic brain injury from a falling object when working beneath a ladder.

  1. Heavy loads 

If your warehouse position requires you to lift heavy loads, your back may be in danger. Even if you do not suffer an acute injury, you may develop chronic pain from regular lifting. Additionally, performing the same tasks repeatedly may contribute to a work-related repetitive stress injury.

A job-related injury at a warehouse may leave you with life-altering complications. Fortunately, you can likely pursue workers’ compensation benefits to help you through the recovery process. By understanding the types of workplace hazards that tend to exist at warehouses, you can better plan for staying safe at work.