Those of us who live in California are proud of our reputation for growing excellent fruits and vegetables. Our fruit industry is especially prolific thanks to the wonderful weather we typically experience. It is a booming industry that requires many workers, but the orchard industry does pose the risk of suffering workplace accidents such as:

  • Accidental exposure to toxic chemicals and other substances
  • Falling from ladders or equipment
  • Experiencing a motor vehicle (trucks, tractors, etc.) accident

The injuries caused by these workplace accidents range from muscle strains and joint sprains to broken bones, lacerations and head injuries, to name a few. Owners of responsible, well-established orchards understand the risks their workers face. As such, they carry workers’ compensation to help injured employees acquire the help they need after an injury occurs.

Unfortunately, some orchard owners do not provide employee protection or try to block attempts by an injured worker to file a workers’ comp claim. What this means is that orchard workers may find themselves out in the cold (so to speak) after suffering injurious workplace accidents.

We urge anyone injured in a California workplace accident to pursue legal assistance when experiencing difficulties with a valid workers’ comp claim. The many benefits of this approach include the following.

  • Securing an advocate to protect your interests
  • Gaining access to the latest information about workers’ compensation
  • Exploring alternative compensation solutions
  • Having a professional file a workers’ comp claim on your behalf
  • Immediate assistance in the case of a claim denial

Please continue reviewing the workers’ compensation information published on our website. You may also reach out to our staff for answers to specific questions you may have.