Going to work each day is something millions of Americans do without worry about suffering an injury. The sad fact of the matter is that many Americans get injured on the job every year, and it happens at jobs that don’t seem to be dangerous. Today, we will take a look at the common head injuries suffered on the job in Stanislaus, California.

One of the most common head injuries suffered on the job is a blow to the head. This occurs when an object strikes you in the head but doesn’t cause an open wound. This blow to the head can be from falling objects, equipment or colliding with a co-worker.

A blow to the head can lead to severe trauma, including traumatic brain injury, concussion, memory loss and many other problems. A blow to the head should be handled seriously and the victim should never delay seeking medical care when hit in the head with an object.

Another common workplace head injury is a penetrating injury. This is when something causes an open wound on your head. An open wound will lead to bleeding and the exposure of your muscles and tendons. Penetrating injuries occur when moving at high speeds or when hit with a sharp object.

Fracturing your skull also often happens in workplace accidents. A fractured skull can lead to the need for surgery or other serious treatment methods. A fractured skull can wind up putting you out of work for an extended period.

Have you suffered one of the injuries to your head listed in today’s post? If so, it’s important to document your injury, report the accident, seek medical care and then talk to a workers’ compensation attorney so you do not struggle to pay the bills while missing time at work.