Construction is occurring all over Stanislaus, California, and most of it involves the use of scaffolding at some point or another. Scaffolding is most often constructed outside of a building being remodeled or built. It is used by construction workers so they can easily access all areas of the building to attach siding, install brick or apply stucco. Here’s how you can prevent scaffolding accidents in California.

One of the first things you need to do is get properly trained. Before you work on scaffolding, you need to know how it was built, the weight it supports, how it operates and how you can avoid falls. If you do not go through any training, you should not step foot on the scaffolding until your employer provides training.

You should always wear proper nonslip boots, a helmet and fall prevention gear when operating on scaffolding. All of these items will help protect you should something occur with the scaffolding that causes it to fall, break or stop working properly.

The scaffolding should be braced to the ground or secured to the building before anyone gets on it to begin their work. You need to prevent the scaffolding from dislodging when it is being moved up and down along the side of the building.

The scaffolding should also be inspected each morning before you get on it, especially if the construction site is completely empty at night with no one to watch over it.

When you work on scaffolding you should always make sure that it is properly constructed before climbing onto it. You will want to take as many precautions as possible to avoid an accident that can cause severe injury or even death.