You should never have to worry about getting injured when you go to work, especially if you don’t work in an industry known for dangerous jobs. But, there are times when workplaces can be dangerous for employees. Most of the time, these dangers are prevented from the get-go by the rules and regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Here’s how you can protect against an unsafe workplace in California.

If you come across an unsafe working condition on the job that your employer knows about and will not fix, you are within your rights to file a complaint with OSHA about the situation. At the same time, you are legally within your rights to refuse to work after reporting the condition.

Should you come across an unsafe working condition that does not pose any immediate danger, you need to report this issue to your employer in writing. Give your employer a bit of time to fix this issue. If they fail to fix the issue you reported, you can then report the issue to OSHA.

Regulations set forth by OSHA prevent employers from retaliating against their employees who decide to report unsafe work conditions. If an employee is retaliated against, he or she could be given his or her job back and issued back pay.

You should feel safe when you go to work. You shouldn’t have to worry about possible hazards causing your illness or injury. You also shouldn’t have to worry about other items causing you harm. Follow the tips in this post and you should have no trouble staying safe at work in Stanislaus.