Even with companies at the very cutting edge of technology, it is still possible for employees to have safety concerns. Elon Musk’s revolutionary automaker Tesla recently came under scrutiny for a number of complaints from employees about the company’s policies for handling certain chemicals.

According to some of the complaints, workers in the plant stated that the process of making Tesla’s cars requires handling many exceptionally dangerous chemicals. Still, workers claim they received very little training on how to properly handle these chemicals and what to do if chemicals got on the employees’ skin or in their eyes. Considering the effects of some of these chemicals, this is very concerning.

The complaints detailed that, for some of the chemicals in question, the training simply featured supervisors instructing them to keep the chemicals off their skin and wipe it away immediately if it makes contact. As some of the chemicals are known to cause birth defects in the offspring of those who handle them directly, additional, detailed instruction certainly appears to be necessary.

If you believe that your employer is not properly training you so that you remain safe on the job, you have an obligation to speak up, not only for yourself but for all your fellow employees. However, you don’t have to do this alone. A California attorney familiar with on-the-job injuries can help you review the specifics of your training and evaluate the safety hazards you face. Together, you can devise a strong strategy to fight for your safety and that of thousands of other workers facing similar dangers.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, “Tesla workers allege sloppy chemical training at Fremont plant,” David R. Baker, Aug. 31, 2017