Workplace injuries are not confined to broken bones or slip-and-fall accidents. In many cases, a workplace injury may arise from exposure to an unsafe substance, such as pesticide. However, even though pesticide poisoning is very real, and affects many workers each year, there is little data to look to for specific guidance on just how often pesticide poisoning occurs.

A number of states require that health professionals file an official report when they believe that a patient suffers from pesticide poisoning. Still, many workers who suffer from pesticide poisoning never seek proper medical care and remain undiagnosed. Often, this is because those who are most likely to suffer dangerous exposure to pesticides are the individuals actually working in farms, out in the fields. In many cases, these workers are uninsured or worry that their immigration status may be endangered if they pursue legal damages because of their injury.

The reality of the situation is that pesticide poisoning affects between 10,000 and 20,000 people each year, according to estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency. Clearly, pesticide poisoning is a very real threat that may cause serious injury, or even permanent harm affecting an individual’s ability to work and make a living.

If you believe that you or someone you love suffers from pesticide poisoning, make sure that you get proper medical treatment as soon as you possibly can. Then, once you have received quality medical care, consult with an attorney to explore your options for fair treatment and reasonable compensation. An experienced attorney can help you explore all of your options and advise you on how to keep you rights and privileges secure as you pursue justice.

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