Each employer in California is required to maintain an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) to protect employees. However, some employers either do not take time to keep properly informed of the plan, or fail to create one altogether. If you are unsure about the nature of your employer’s IIPP, or if you believe that you employer”s existing IIPP is insufficient, an experienced attorney can help keep your rights protected.

A proper IIPP covers eight basic issues. If your employer’s IIPP does not effectively address all eight areas of concern, it may indicate that your workplace is not a safe environment. A proper IIPP addresses procedures for accident response and investigation, assessing hazards, communicating about accidents and hazards with your chain of command, complying with regulations and safety guidelines, individual and employer responsibility and protocol for correcting the issue when a hazard arises. In addition to those things, the IIPP must address the more mundane issues around employee training and record keeping surrounding hazards and safety practices.

Of course, not every employer values safety and compliance as much as another. If you feel that your safety is regularly threatened unreasonably, an attorney can help you learn how to protect your rights. As an employee, there are many jobs that come with a certain amount of implied risk, but no individual should ever have to feel necessarily endangered on the job because of an employer’s negligence. With proper legal guidance, you can protect your rights and know exactly what to do in the event that an accident harms you on the job.

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