When a California employee files a workers’ compensation claim, the job of keeping up with the claim doesn’t stop there. Certain steps should be taken to ensure that the claim is kept on track and continues through the claims process toward the best possible resolution. Here are a few things that workers should to avoid problems:

Maintain flawless records. There is a paper trail involved in the workers’ compensation claim filing process, and paperwork needs to be in order, including:

— Notes on discussions with those involved with the claim.

— The patient’s current medical progress and the way it affects his or her ability to perform job duties.

— Copies of medical reports.

–Time sheets and pay stubs for before the work injury happened.

— Records of out-of-pocket costs, like prescription receipts and travel costs for medical appointments.

Learn as much as possible about workers’ compensation. The complicated laws of workers’ compensation take time to understand. However, a qualified lawyer can explain the basics that injured workers need to know to navigate compensation claims appropriately.

Talk about any problems that arise. It is important for injured workers to bring up concerns about potential issues with their employers, claims administrators and the attorneys handling their cases.

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