California workers who are receiving workers’ compensation benefits are usually receiving the benefits only temporarily. However, if the condition continues to get worse — or does not improve — the worker might be able to qualify for permanent and stationary benefits, also referred to as P&S. In order to receive permanent disability benefits, the injured employee must obtain a P&S report from his or her treating physician.

The P&S report needs to describe several things:

— The specific medical issues and how much pain the worker has.

— Work restrictions, in other words, limitations regarding the work the employee can perform.

— Medical care that the worker requires for injuries.

— The worker’s ability to return to his or her previous job.

— Future medical care required.

— Estimation of what portion of the injuries were the result of the worker’s occupation.

Once the primary care physician completes the P&S report, the physician will send it into the claims administrator. This report, and how it is completed, is very important because it can affect the benefits the injured worker is able to receive. After it is submitted, workers should retain a copy for their records. A copy can be received from the treating physician or it can be requested from the claims administrator in writing.

Because P&S reports need to be completed in a certain way, injured California workers who are applying for permanent workers’ compensation benefits may want to discuss their claims with an attorney. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help workers pursue their permanent benefits in the most suitable strategy to employ in seeking said benefits.

Source: State of California Department of Industrial Relations, “Workers’ Compensation in California: A Guidebook for Injured Workers (Chapter 7. Permanent Disability Benefits),” accessed Sep. 27, 2016