A local event rental company is being investigated by the California’s Division of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration following the tragic death of one of their temporary laborers while taking down a VIP tent at the BottleRock Music Festival in Napa City. The man was helping to disassemble the large tent when a support post came loose and fell onto him. Authorities reported that the post fell onto the man’s back, pinning him face down to the ground. Although several of the other workers were able to get the pole off of him fairly quickly, and firefighters arrived shortly to administer CPR, the man died from his injuries after being taken to Queen of the Valley Medical Center.

Witnesses stated that the man was carrying the pole at the time of the accident. Although the cause remains undetermined, he lost his footing and fell, which allowed the pole to pin him to the ground and fatally injured him the process.

The equipment rental company is being investigated regarding repeated safety violations. This is the third instance of one of the company’s temporary laborer’s becoming seriously injured, although only the first instance involving a fatality. Two prior incidents involved laborers having fingers partially or entirely severed.

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Source: Napa Valley Register, “Cal-OSHA investigating death of worker at BottleRock site,” Maria Sestito, June 01, 2016