There are a host of issues that can lead to a workers’ compensation claim. These claims aren’t based only on accidents that occur in the workplace. When the workplace is unsafe because of toxins, workers who suffer from the effects of those toxins might choose to file a workers’ compensation claim.

When it comes to toxins that you are going to be exposed to at work, you have the right to know exactly what substances might affect you. On top of knowing the substances, you have the right to know how those substances could affect you. You should also know how to avoid becoming poisoned by the exposure. We know that sometimes making an income means having to deal with certain dangers, but we never want you to think that toxic exposure is something that you aren’t protected against.

Employers who are using toxic substances in the workplace must ensure that workers know specific points about the substances. In some cases, the employers convey this information by making material safety data sheets available for the toxic substances and items that contain those substances. If you are working with toxic substances, make sure that you are familiar with the information, including first aid information, that is included on the MSDS.

If you are injured by a toxic substance at work, you might need medical care. You might not be able to return to work while you are being treated. You might be able to seek workers’ compensation based on the condition from which you suffer and the probability that your issues were caused by exposure to those toxic substances at work. We can help you to assert your side of the case when you decide to try to obtain workers’ compensation.