When younger workers acquire their first jobs in the construction industry, they often feel very lucky. Construction work pays relatively well, so getting a foot in the door can lead to greater pay and better job positions down the line. However, suffering injuries due to an on-the-job accident can stop a new career before it turns lucrative.

We have helped many in the construction industry get the workers’ compensation benefits they need after an injury. As such, we have seen trends related to construction workers’ accidents in California. One trend involves those new to the industry suffering injuries because they did not understand the safety protocols.

When you are new to a job or a particular field, you want to make a very good impression. While this is commendable, it is unwise to ignore safety in favor of making this impression. In fact, it can work against you in some cases. For example, supervisors do not want reckless or careless workers and may fire those who exhibit dangerous behaviors in the workplace.

Suffering a construction accident injury because you were perhaps a bit overzealous does not preclude you from filing for workers’ compensation. However, it is much better to learn the construction industry’s best practices for remaining injury-free. Asking your supervisor for safety training is a great way to accomplish this goal.

If you do fall victim to construction workers’ accidents that leave you injured, exercise your right to file a workers’ compensation claim. Your boss cannot block your attempts to take such action even if the accident occurred due to inexperience. Should you experience difficulties filing a successful claim, an attorney can help you acquire the compensation you need to recover fully.

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