Power tools are important pieces of equipment that are used in almost every facet of construction. You can’t walk onto a construction site without hearing the hum of a saw or the compressed air of a staple gun.

However, power tools are very dangerous, even for those who are experienced in using the tools in Stanislaus, California. Thankfully, there are some tips for preventing power tool accidents on the job.

Power tools should only be used for what they were designed for in order to prevent the most tragic of accidents. You should never use a power tool unless you have been properly trained.

Take a good look at the power tool before you use it each time. A thorough inspection will help you find any issues that could lead to an accident, such as jammed or missing parts.

Make sure the work area is kept clean and dry. This will help prevent sparks that could lead to fire. If the area is wet you could wind up getting electrocuted.

Never use power tools when you are wearing jewelry or loose clothing. Any of these items could wind up getting stuck in the tool and cutting off a finger or pulling out your hair.

Always wear the personal protective equipment associated with power tools, such as goggles, gloves, a face shield or disposable masks.

You can keep yourself safe on the job in California by doing your best to prevent power tool accidents. Your safety and health is important to not only you but your entire family. The more time you miss work, the more difficult it becomes to pay the bills, even if you receive workers’ compensation benefits.