Suffering a workplace injury in California can cause you quite a bit of stress. The situation can get even worse if the benefits are delayed for any reason. Today, we will look at how you can avoid a delay in workers’ compensation benefits if you are injured on the job in Stanislaus.

If you’re wondering, workers’ compensation benefits can be delayed based on how you handle the situation. If you fail to report the accident that caused your injury to a supervisor, they won’t know what happened or how to handle it. If you fail to seek immediate medical attention, this could also delay your claim. It could also lead you to endure a more serious injury than first expected.

A workers’ compensation claim can also be delayed by your employer. Maybe the employer failed to report it to the insurance company. Maybe the employer chose not to report it, which is against the law. Either way, you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side to fight any and all delays of your claim.

Insurance companies will often delay claims in an effort to get the employee to stop pursuing it. This is not necessarily illegal but more of a pain to deal with, especially if you need to file the claim a second or subsequent time before receiving the benefits.

Workers’ compensation benefits are important for workers of all backgrounds and income levels. These benefits help you stay above water while you rehabilitate your injury and prepare to return to work. Avoid a delay in the payment of these benefits by following the tips outlined in this post.