Are you employed as a construction worker? Do you find yourself working on road construction projects? If you answered yes to these questions, then this post is very important for your safety. When working on a roadside construction site in Stanislaus, you need to be as safe as possible. Simply following safety procedures in place is not enough, especially when motorists are speeding through the construction zone while using their phones.

You need to wear reflective apparel, even during daylight hours. This includes a reflective vest, a hard hat with reflective decals on it and bright clothing. Bright colors, even when not reflective, can help motorists see you on the side of the road at the construction site.

Always wear a hard hat on the construction site. Even though you are working outdoors, you can still have something fall on your head. You could also suffer a head injury by getting hit by an object held by a co-worker. A hard hat could also prevent head injuries caused by falls from heights.

When you are working at a roadside construction site, you need to constantly watch the traffic. Most drivers will not slow down through the construction zone. You will also have distracted drivers in the construction zone. If you are not behind a buffer zone or protective barrier, you need to be mindful of the traffic and always watch your back. In fact, never turn your back to traffic.

Finding new ways to stay safe on the job in California can save your life. Working at a roadside construction site is beyond dangerous. Follow the tips outlined in today’s post and you should have no trouble remaining safe on the job.