Workers at jobs all across California and the country are at risk for suffering an injury each day they walk into work. They might take every precaution when at work and still, an accident can occur that could lead them to suffer an injury. A common workplace injury involves the back, which can put a worker off the job for an extended time. Here are the most common causes of back injuries on the job in Stanislaus.

The most common cause of a work-related back injury is using an improper lifting technique. Many people will simply bend over at the waist to pick up items they need. Even if the items aren’t heavy, they can still cause back issues. It’s best to always bend at the knees and distribute the weight of the item as evenly as possible across both of your arms when lifting.

Moving too fast can also lead workers to suffer back injuries on the job. When workers do not take their time to think, plan their lift and then slowly carry the items, they can suffer various back injuries. It’s best to move slowly, consider the risks and plan how you will lift an item.

Even a lack of training can lead to workers suffering back injuries. If they are not trained how to properly lift items, which items are permitted to be lifted by manual labor and how to place them down, they could wind up out of work due to back injuries.

Back injuries can be debilitating, causing workers to miss a large amount of time on the job. Rehabilitation can take weeks and the worker might never regain his or her total range of motion in California, limiting the types of jobs he or she can work for the remainder of his or her career.