Electrical hazards can be found in any home, school or place of business. It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that residents, visitors, students and employees are safe when it comes to electrical hazards or electrocution. More than 4,000 people are injured each year across the country from these types of hazards. Some 300 people die each year due to electrical hazards. Here’s how to prevent them in the workplace.

One of the best ways to prevent an electrical hazard in the workplace is to wear all protective equipment that is provided by the employer. Protective equipment can include goggles, gloves, a hard hat, a full body suit and more. The equipment should be worn until the electrical hazard is removed or the project is complete.

Employees should be trained on how to identify electrical hazards that could be present in the workplace, especially if it is a construction site or other dangerous location. These dangers can include exposed wires, tripped breakers, and broken outlets.

All employees should be provided with a copy of the job plan. This plan should provide, in complete detail, all of the hazards present on the job. This is an important document for construction site workers, even if the workers will not be handling electrical work during the project.

Employees need to be taught that they should never assume something has been de-energized. Employees should always check an energy source first to ensure that it has been taken offline.

Electrical hazards need to be spotted and fixed immediately if you want to prevent injury to employees. If not, employees can be electrocuted or a fire could start at your business in Stanislaus, California.