Working at a construction site is dangerous. You will likely be operating heavy machinery, working at heights, digging trenches, lifting heavy items and much more. Almost every task assigned to you will be a dangerous one. Employees can only do so much to keep themselves safe on a Stanislaus construction site. The supervisor of the site and the construction company also has responsibility for safety. Here’s how to report an accident or injury at a construction site.

If you or a co-worker suffer an injury on the construction site in California, you must report it immediately. If medical attention is required due to the severity of the injury, this should be handled first. Once medical attention has been completed, you need to report the accident and injury in writing to a supervisor. It should include a medical report from the attending paramedic, EMT or doctor.

If a supervisor is not on the site, you need to climb the chain of command and report the injury to higher ups within the company. This can be done in writing via fax or email or even during a phone call to headqDuarters.

All injuries should be documented. Get a statement from any witnesses to the accident so the story is told correctly, especially if the accident/injury is going to be investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Suffering an injury in a construction site accident can change your life forever. You might never be able to return to work. You might lose a limb. You could wind up paralyzed. Whatever the severity of the accident or injury, it should always be reported to a supervisor for proper handling.