Workplace injuries can happen to anyone, but many professions provide much more opportunity for injury than others. This is especially true of particularly physically demanding professions or those that involve heavy machinery. While no population is safe from the possibility of workplace accidents, the older a worker is, the more likely they are to experience some type of workplace injury.

This becoming a much bigger problem in recent years, as many workers choose to forego the recommended retirement age and continue working into their golden years. This course of action presents two very real threats. It goes without saying that as we age, our bodies unavoidably lose functionality and strength, and we become far more prone to accidents and injuries in all areas of living, even outside of work. The longer that an individual remains in the workplace, the more susceptible they are to any form of accident or injury.

The second concern here is that older workers have far greater risk of serious injury in any kind of accident. The effects of aging on the body mean that any injury is likely to be more serious for an older person than for a young or middle-aged person.

If you are an aging worker, it is crucial to address any injury as quickly and completely as possible. Of course, you do not have to do this alone. An experienced attorney can help ensure that you have all the support you need to pursue fair compensation for your workplace injury and have the tools and support to focus on the hard work of recovery.

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