If you work in construction, then you almost certainly already know that falling is the most prevalent cause of death on construction worksites. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes this huge issue in the construction world, and has launched a program to combat it. OSHA firmly believes that all or most of these deaths can be prevented with proper training, and aims to reduce construction fatalities from falling with its fall prevention campaign.

The campaign has three primary focuses to reduce construction falls. First, OSHA encourages employers to be mindful of employee safety when creating their construction plan, taking the safety of its workers into account from the ground up, rather than making safety and safety measures an afterthought in the design and planning stages of a project.

Even if a project enjoys proper safety planning, it still needs the employer to provide appropriate safety equipment to keep workers safe. It is reasonable that an employee can expect an employer to provide safety equipment, such as harnesses, proper ladders and scaffolding.

However, merely providing proper equipment does not go far enough. OSHA contends that an employer must properly train workers to safely use equipment to maximize its benefits. Even with proper safety equipment, workers may face serious risk if they are not properly trained in safety procedures and using safety equipment effectively.

Unfortunately, many workplace falls still cause serious injury. If you experience an injury because of fall on a construction site, consider consulting with attorney to ensure that you get the proper care and compensation that you deserve for your losses. An experienced attorney can keep your rights secure while you focus on recovery.

Source: Occupational Safety and Health Administration, “Welcome to OSHA’s Fall Prevention Campaign,” accessed July 14, 2017