Each year, hundreds or even thousands of construction workers throughout California suffer serious injuries on the worksite. One of the most serious injuries that a worker might sustain is damage to the high-cervical nerves (HCNs), which can leave you without some or any functionality in your entire body. Whether your injury occurred when you slipped and fell, because a falling object struck you, or some other way, your injury can change your life indefinitely.

Even in the face of very serious, life-changing injuries, you cannot always trust an employer’s insurer to do the right thing and truly take care of all of your needs. Injuries to the HCNs often mean that you cannot work any longer, and you may also struggle to perform many everyday tasks and bodily functions.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to navigate this difficult season by yourself. If you suffered an HCN injury on the job, reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney immediately so that they can begin to fight for justice and fair treatment on your behalf.

HCN injuries affect every area of living

If you suffered an HCN injury, then you must obtain complete professional medical attention before doing anything else. There is no reason to put off proper care as you may only make the injury worse.

Proper medical treatment and examination can help you understand exactly what your injury means for your future. In all likelihood, you may never work your old job again. It is also possible that you may never work another job either.

HCN injuries are generally considered the most serious of all spinal cord injuries. This is because injuring them can have such wide-ranging effects and full recovery is very unlikely. In many cases, those who suffer HCN injuries must obtain daily in-home care to help them accomplish everyday tasks.

An HCN injury often entails partial or complete paralysis throughout your body, including your legs, your trunk, your arms and your hands. It often also leads to partial or complete loss of control of your lungs and bowels.

Because of the severity of the these injuries, you may have ongoing trouble breathing, or controlling your bowels You may also lose the ability to do any daily living activities such as bathing yourself, feeding yourself or dressing yourself.

In many cases, you may even lose some or all of your ability to speak clearly.

If you feel overwhelmed, that is understandable. You suffered an extreme injury on the job, and now your life completely changed. But, you do not have to endure this hard time on your own — you deserve the empathetic guidance of an experienced, passionate attorney who understands how to fight for the rights of the injured.

Build a strong team to build a bright future

Your future may seem uncertain now, but you are still a strong, brilliant person who deserves fair treatment and fair compensation for your losses. No one can take that away from you.

With the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who understands the local court systems of Modesto, you can fight for justice and ensure that your rights remain secure.

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