Despite the disheartening news coverage that the elder care industry has experienced in recent months, there are many employees throughout the industry who care deeply for the people they serve, often to their own detriment. Working in an elder care facility comes with many implicit health risks, leading to a surprisingly high rate of workers’ compensation claims. Many of these injuries and ailments can be avoided with some preventative measures.

Some of the most common risks to the health of elder care workers are sicknesses affecting the men and women they serve. The elderly are far more susceptible to a range of illnesses, creating a perfect storm of danger for those who provide their care. In many cases, younger individuals have stronger immune systems than the people they serve, but the constant barrage of sicknesses will usually affect them eventually.

Statistically, this increase in exposure to illness creates many more on-the-job injury claims than other industries, many of which can be avoided. Environments that insist caregivers take time to carefully wash their hands regularly and thoroughly have greatly reduced instances of sickness among employees. Still, there are many illnesses that can slip through over time.

If you become sick because of exposure to an illness on the job, you are just as deserving of fair compensation as someone who injures themselves in a more specific way, such as a broken bone. If you believe that your workplace injury is not receiving fair treatment by your employer, you should not hesitate to consult with an experienced attorney who can help you protect your rights as you pursue justice and proper treatment.