At the Law Office of Rockwell Kelley & Duarte, we have represented and litigated workers’ compensation cases for our clients regarding virtually every kind of construction accident. Unfortunately, none of these accidents involve happy stories as most of our clients are truly suffering from serious and sometimes catastrophically disabling injuries.

Here are some of the most common types of cases we see:

— Falls from heights: Construction workers often climb high onto scaffolding and ladders and sometimes they are forced to work high up in buildings with unfinished walls. Falls from these heights can result in neck, back and other spine-related injuries. They can also be fatal.

— Explosions: Construction workers frequently handle dangerous machinery and work with other kinds of chemicals that can be explosive or catch fire. These accidents can cause serious burns and other injuries when they call workers to lose their balance and fall.

— Heavy equipment accidents: A large piece of machinery is useful for getting work done, but when a worker gets caught in the middle, the results can be fatal. Workers who suffer crushing injuries are often lucky to survive, but if they do survive, they could be forced to deal with a lifetime of pain, suffering and permanent disabilities.

In most situations, we can file workers’ benefits claim for an injured worker and successfully obtain the benefits they deserve the first time around without the need for further litigation. In other cases, it takes more time and appeals before our clients can secure their benefits. If you or your family member has suffered a serious construction accident injury in Stanislaus, California, our law office is here to help.