Workplace injuries happen in California quite often. These injuries end up interrupting the work process and sometimes may result in a workers’ compensation claim. A recent report on workplace injuries rates the most common types of injuries suffered by employees.

Back injuries made the top of that list. Most back injuries reported at work are not that critical and will get better with a little care and time. Usually a back injury occurs from trying to lift something it would normally take at least two people to lift or from lifting incorrectly. People such as those in the farming and ranching industries, who work with large machines and other types of equipment, seem more susceptible to shoulder and hand injuries.

Trips and slips causing ankle injuries are a little less frequent, yet still common. Just a sprain typically will not require more than most back injuries. Jobs that entail matter flying in the air, such as woodworker or sheet metal mechanic, are at risk of particles causing some type of damage to the eye. Even with protective equipment, fragments can get in the eye and trigger irritation.

Last on the list comes head injuries. Whether from a fall or being hit on the head, looking for signs of a concussion is a priority, especially if the person has lost consciousness, shows signs of confusion or is vomiting. A doctor will be able to determine if the injury is serious enough to require a CT scan and any necessary treatment.

To sum it up, just be vigilant on the job and do not take unnecessary risks. Using common sense will go a long way to stay injury-free. There are times, however, when all the safety precautions are not enough to prevent workplace injuries. To ensure the best possible outcome, California residents who have been injured on the job and need compensation for medical bills and lost wages should seek advice from a knowledgeable professional.

Source:, Common workplace injuries and common sense, Karen Childress, Feb. 6, 2014