There is some risk of being injured at work every time a person goes to work, whether that person has a desk job or one in the construction industry. Two California carpenters recently had cause to file a claim for being injured at work. A spokesperson for the construction company where the men are employed said they will survive the injuries they received.

The two men were installing scaffolding to facilitate work on a 27-story skyscraper when they both fell. One man fell 30 feet, and the other fell 40 feet. They were taken to the hospital, where a report stated they were both in stable condition the day after the incident, even though their injuries were listed as severe after the falls. The construction site has been closed down until OSHA’s California Division can inspect the area.

There are several steps to take for people who have been injured on the job. One of the first would be to make a report to management. As an employer is required to provide medical treatment for any injuries received on the job, there should be no worries about the cost of care. Even if no work is missed because of the injury, the employee has the right to expect that their employer will pay all medical bills.

If a person does not recognize an injury right away, an incident should still be reported as soon as it happens. There are a host of other benefits that an employed California resident has a right to receive after being injured at work. A professional in the area of workers’ compensation would be able to give details on coverage that is available.

Source: CBS SF Bay Area, Workers Expected To Recover After Fall From Scaffolding In San Francisco’s SoMa, No author, Feb. 21, 2014