Most California residents go to work each day expecting a fairly safe work environment and to not be injured at work. While there is a risk for some harm in every job, three employees who work at an Amgen Inc. laboratory did not expect to be injured at work the day that there was an explosion in the lab. Workforce safety measures are of utmost importance when employees are potentially in danger.

A flash fire occurred in the lab while the three employees were working. It was determined by fire officials that the fire had been caused by a chemical reaction that was initiated by solvents used to sterilize lab equipment. Those officials did state that there was no danger of hazardous substances lingering in the air from the explosion.

One employee was left with a bruise on her leg while the other two were treated and released from a nearby hospital. There was massive damage done to the lab, and it has been sealed until a team can be sent in to clean it. There will be a more comprehensive investigation once the lab is considered safe again.

This is not the first explosion this particular lab has experienced in the past year, although the company has stated that safety is a priority. It was found that the company’s hazardous materials were not stored properly in the earlier incident, and they were fined as a consequence. California residents should ensure that proper safety measures are enforced in their workplaces so that the numbers of those injured at work are kept to a minimum.

Source: The Daily Journal, Three injured in Amgen explosion, lab damaged, No author, Jan. 10, 2014