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Permanent disability: What is a permanent and stationary report?

California workers who are receiving workers' compensation benefits are usually receiving the benefits only temporarily. However, if the condition continues to get worse -- or does not improve -- the worker might be able to qualify for permanent and stationary benefits, also referred to as P&S. In order to receive permanent disability benefits, the injured employee must obtain a P&S report from his or her treating physician.

Grin and bear it: massage therapists tend to work through their injuries

Sore feet, aching forearms, and a tight back are typical at the end of the day for massage therapists. In a profession focused on the well-being of other people's bodies, many massage therapists find themselves in need of healing. Massage therapy is a physically demanding profession which can cause injuries, and many injured employees try to work through their pain.

Is the workers' compensation appeals process fair?

It's not very easy for a hurt California worker to appeal a denied medicare request through the workers' compensation system. The reason is largely the result of 2013 reforms via Senate Bill 863; injured workers cannot appeal their denials of treatment before a judge anymore. These matters are decided -- and many are saying unfairly so -- by a private and profit-driven corporation contracted to review appeals.

Scores of California firefighters improperly denied benefits

Scores of firefighters have filed claims against the city of San Jose alleging that they were refused medical care that they had a right to. The claims have been filed by a total of 68 firefighters, beginning in late 2014.

Workers should be careful to avoid overheating on farm jobs

Farming is a job where it's possible to spend the entire day outside, and for some, this is paradise. However, when the mercury starts to rise, the risk of developing heat-related conditions increases as well.

How is workers' compensation different from disability benefits?

California workers who get seriously injured and disabled on-the-job will have a lot of questions about benefits and workers' compensation. First and foremost, injured workers will want to know the differences between these two types of benefits.

What should I know about California workers' compensation?

Workers in California who are injured while they are performing work duties often qualify for workers' compensation. Some people who may qualify for workers' compensation might not understand everything that they need to know about what these benefits cover and other facts about the program.

Toxic exposure in the workplace can lead to compensation claims

There are a host of issues that can lead to a workers' compensation claim. These claims aren't based only on accidents that occur in the workplace. When the workplace is unsafe because of toxins, workers who suffer from the effects of those toxins might choose to file a workers' compensation claim.

Workers' compensation paid to California board member

After reportedly causing a car accident, a man who serves on the board of a California city's water agency received workers' compensation. However, because of two previous convictions of driving under the influence, his driver's license has been suspended since 2003. Some of his fellow board members think that he may be receiving workers' compensation payments under improper circumstances, and they believe that those payments should be withdrawn.

California construction workers injured at work

There is some risk of being injured at work every time a person goes to work, whether that person has a desk job or one in the construction industry. Two California carpenters recently had cause to file a claim for being injured at work. A spokesperson for the construction company where the men are employed said they will survive the injuries they received.

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Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to 5 years in prison or up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.

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