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Toxic exposure in the workplace can lead to compensation claims

There are a host of issues that can lead to a workers' compensation claim. These claims aren't based only on accidents that occur in the workplace. When the workplace is unsafe because of toxins, workers who suffer from the effects of those toxins might choose to file a workers' compensation claim.

Workers' compensation paid to California board member

After reportedly causing a car accident, a man who serves on the board of a California city's water agency received workers' compensation. However, because of two previous convictions of driving under the influence, his driver's license has been suspended since 2003. Some of his fellow board members think that he may be receiving workers' compensation payments under improper circumstances, and they believe that those payments should be withdrawn.

California construction workers injured at work

There is some risk of being injured at work every time a person goes to work, whether that person has a desk job or one in the construction industry. Two California carpenters recently had cause to file a claim for being injured at work. A spokesperson for the construction company where the men are employed said they will survive the injuries they received.

Workplace injuries can plague California workforce

Workplace injuries happen in California quite often. These injuries end up interrupting the work process and sometimes may result in a workers' compensation claim. A recent report on workplace injuries rates the most common types of injuries suffered by employees.

California city workers injured at work receiving medical bills

It is tough enough to deal with the physical repercussions of getting injured at work but, in so many cases, the employee also has to cope with the financial ones, as well. Some California police officers are dealing with collection agencies regarding unpaid medical bills and it is affecting several areas of their lives, including their credit scores. These men and women know that every time they go out on the job that they risk getting injured at work, but they are willing to take that risk.

California makes workers' compensation changes for athletes

In an effort to further enhance its laws regarding the protection of its working class, the California legislature has recently passed measures to strengthen the rights of employees in their state. Many of the changes to current laws affecting employees went into effect at the beginning of the new year. Some fear the changes of workers' compensation policies will create an unfriendly business climate, but according to an official with the California Labor Federation, when it comes to the rights of employees, California has become a national leader.

Loss of balance puts older workers at risk for workplace injuries

Older workers may be more susceptible to suffering work injuries, but that fact does not relieve the employer from the duty to provide workers' compensation benefits to workers of any age who are injured on the job. As people age, certain physical changes take place that create weaknesses in an older person's body. This can lead to more workplace injuries for California workers and in other states. For example, balance can be affected, making an older individual more susceptible to falls. Muscle weaknesses can begin to develop in old age and can combine with perceptual and sensory deficits created by the aging process.

Workers' comp available for repetitive stress injuries

Workers in California are at risk for suffering many different types of injuries. One of the most common types of injuries workers suffer is repetitive stress injuries.  Repetitive stress injuries may not sound that serious but they can cause long-term injuries and make it difficult for individuals to continue working. 

Workers' comp available for injured workers in California

Workplace accidents and injuries happen all the time in California. Suffering a workplace injury can be very traumatizing and can make it difficult to continue working. That is why it is important for workers to know they have the right to receive workers' compensation benefits in California.

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Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to 5 years in prison or up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.

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