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Does the construction industry expose workers to toxins?

Toxic or hazardous substances are often a factor in many industries, and the field of construction is certainly no exception. Unfortunately, many construction workers are not aware of the toxic dangers associated with the construction industry. As you might expect, exposure to such substances result in many unforeseen construction workers' accidents and/or injuries.

Defective scaffolding harms many California construction workers

Working in the California construction industry comes with many everyday risks. Most employees fully accept the risk of suffering construction worker accidents, but what happens when these accidents happen because of third-party negligence? For example, if the scaffolding that construction workers rely on each and every day contains defects, it needlessly adds to the risk of suffering injury.

California construction worker dies after forklift accident

The construction industry poses many health and safety risks to its workforce. Construction workers' accidents can occur without warning and may result in catastrophic injuries or death. Recently, one of these workers lost his life after what appears to be an accident involving a forklift.

Do not ignore safety if you are new to the construction industry

When younger workers acquire their first jobs in the construction industry, they often feel very lucky. Construction work pays relatively well, so getting a foot in the door can lead to greater pay and better job positions down the line. However, suffering injuries due to an on-the-job accident can stop a new career before it turns lucrative.

Top reasons for serious electrical accidents

An electrical accident on the job can be instantly fatal or it can cause serious injuries. It's a constant danger for construction workers on both commercial and residential jobs. All it takes is one small mistake for a serious event.

What protective gear do construction workers need?

Many on-the-job injuries happen because workers do not have the proper protective gear. In some cases, this is the fault of the employer for not providing the equipment and following safety guidelines. In other cases, it is the fault of the employees for not adhering to those regulations.

The 5 construction jobs with the highest risk

You often hear that construction is one of the most dangerous industries or that the workers face the highest risks. This is true. However, it is important to remember that workers have very different jobs within this industry. These jobs can change the actual risk levels that they face. Below are the five most dangerous jobs.

How do I prevent falls from ladders on the job?

Ladders are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment on a construction site. They can also be incredibly dangerous if not used properly. Construction workers of all experience levels should know the safest ways to use a ladder so they do not wind up suffering a fall from the equipment while working. Follow the safety tips outlined today to prevent yourself from falling off a ladder.

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