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Man receives $17 million award after workplace injury

When a person is injured in a workplace accident, the law provides ways for the victim to seek fair compensation for his or her injuries. However, it is rare to see as significant an award as the one handed down to a Riverside man recently. The man, who suffered a devastating forklift accident in 2013 finally prevailed when a judge awarded him $17 million.

The accident occurred several years ago, and the man has since had to endure a number of very serious difficulties. His injuries ultimately led to the partial amputation of his right leg, after his recovery suffered complications. In the wake of the initial injury, his injured leg faced several separate infections, resulting in 11 different surgeries and the eventual partial amputation. Even before these developments, the injury was fairly grizzly, involving a forklift crushing his leg and tearing the skin away from the underlying tissues. By nearly any metric, the man suffered more than most people may ever experience.

It is also worth noting that the employer fought the suit on the grounds that the man was liable for his own injuries. While the jury did acknowledge that the man had acted negligently in the moments leading up the accident, they still agreed that his negligence did not fully cause the accident or negate his right to fair compensation.

While the staggering award does not make up for the untold hours of agony he has endured over the years since the accident, it is encouraging to see that the justice system of California does actually work towards providing justice for those who have needlessly suffered.

If you recently suffered a workplace injury, you can speak to an experienced attorney to explore your own options for pursuing fair, complete compensation for your injuries, suffering and other losses.

Source: The Press Enterprise, "Jury awards $17 million to Riverside man who lost leg to forklift at PennySaver facility," Ali Tadayon and Richard Deatley, July 13, 2017

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